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Some people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them,” I said.

"Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway.

 John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars (via forever-and-alwayss)

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i hate that i literally cant tell if im ugly or not and i cant tell if im really fat or just like kinda fat i literally cant tell and sometimes ill be like “im just being dumb im pretty good looking” and then ill be like “wow im being so egotistical i definitely look like shit what am i talking about” like i just…. dont know and it bothers me so much cos it’s something i can’t understand 

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“How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.”

Nina LaCour, Hold Still (via aconitina)

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When you and your best friend both think the same thing


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